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Vikara means transformation;  to change with action.  Vikara Yoga was created to offer safe space to connect with your mind, body and spirit and find the change you may be seeking.   I strive as a teacher to provide a quiet and safe space for students to explore and find a  true sense of their own personal balance. Vikara Yoga studio is located on a beautiful treed lot in Napier Ontario where classes, workshops and retreats are hosted for all to enjoy. I also travel to teach in offices and studios in an effort to bring yoga to those who are interested. The intention I have set for Vikara Yoga is to share the possibility of finding  personal, emotional and spiritual balance and provide the opportunity for transformation.


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About Misty Lucas

My name is Misty Lucas, the founder of Vikara yoga.  In Sanskrit Vikara means transformation; to change with action.   I chose this word because yoga transformed my life.   I found the connection I had been seeking within myself and the world around me.

I am an insured and certified Registered Yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance.  I have earned my 500hr designation with DevaTree School of Yoga. I have continued with my yoga education and taken a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course through Trauma Centre at the Justice Resource Institute.  I am also a Reiki Level II practitioner and am honoured to offer this amazing healing practice to my clients.

My Sanskrit name is Shakti which I received after completing my 500hr certification.  Briefly Shakti means power or empowerment.

Restorative yoga is my passion and has become the focus of my teachings.   Restorative is a type of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

My dharma is to share my knowledge and inspire those around me to find connection within themselves and with others.    I have only just begun and am excited for what the future holds.

The Studio

Vikara Yoga is a boutique studio that caters to students looking for an intimate and personal setting to practice yoga. My intention was to create a space that encourages individual growth and an expanded sense of community. The studio is  set in nature that enhances your ability to find calm and to quiet the mind. Nothing is more important than building bonds with yourself and those around you.




Hatha Based Yoga

My training utilized the concept of cross disciplinary yoga that is based in hatha yoga. A cross-disciplinary practice has elements combines the major forms of yoga offered across the world today.The practice includes gentle flows, strengthening postures and time to reflect within. The classes will offer a synergistic blend of everything and provide you with the ability and opportunity to utilze your own personal power.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is an opportunity to centre, connect to your breath and release and let go.  This practice offers an opportunity for an emotional, physical and mental release through practicing stillness and holding postures for extended periods of time with the assistance of props.  Restorative yoga balances a fast lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal physical and mental symptoms that are stress related.



Private Lessons

Embarking on a new journey can be scary and our instinct is for privacy.  I respect and understand starting a yoga practice may terrifying and that is the reason I offer private lessons.  Having private lessons offers the student specialized classes geared directly towards their own ability and comfort.  The lessons can be held at the studio or at the student’s office or home.

$65 for 60 min   $90 for 90 min

Reduced rate for purchase of multiple sessions.  Contact me for details.




Reiki (pronounced “Ray – Key”)

I am excited to offer Reiki sessions at the studio location.  Reiki is a holistic, light touch, energy-based modality that establishes normal energy flow in the body, enhancing the body’s innate healing ability. [Canadian Reiki Association].

One hour session $55



London Yoga Festival | Sept 30

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So excited to be a part of the London Yoga Festival on September 30th.  I am offering a Restorative Yoga class from 3 to 4pm.   Register at

Fall Classes at Yoga East!

Hatha Flow Class 8 week session starting Sept 7/17 from 4:15pm to 5:30pm. Investment $110.

Restorative Class 8 week session starting Sept 7/17 from 6pm to 7:15pm.  Investment $110.

Must have minimum number of 6 registrants for each class to run so be sure to sign up. Hatha Flow All Levels Restorative Yoga

Newsletter & Interesting Stuff



In life it is my belief we strive to live a life filled with love, happiness, fulfillment all in a way that honours our spirit.  This is different for  everyone in that some may seek happiness through financial attainment, career advancement or time with family.  We as human beings are all different so our definition of happiness is different.  One thing we have in common is life does not always roll as we planned. There are times when we do things that are not in alignment with our highest good. There are times we may be hurt by those in our life whether loved ones, coworkers, casual acquaintances or even by someone we do not even know. When we experience feelings of hurt or anger due to our own actions or the actions of others it  can be a time for reflection to understand ourselves a little better and then find a way to forgive.

Forgiving oneself for actions that are not in alignment with our highest good is to honour that you are human and remembering we all make mistakes.  To forgive ourselves is a practice of self care and honouring who we are and how we can grow from the experience.

When we are hurt by others forgiveness can be difficult.  When you find it in your heart to forgive another it clears space in the heart and  soul and releases burdens you no longer want to carry.   Forgiveness allows you to access the expansiveness that resides within you and make space for what serves your highest your good.  To forgive someone who has hurt you is not about saying what they have done is okay but rather to say you are ready to move on.  Forgiveness will only honour your highest good and continually move life forward in the happiness that is sought. .

I read the book Zen and The Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss during a difficult time in my life; a time when I was betrayed by someone I loved.   A quote that stuck with me when I first read the book was “everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that could happen to me”.  When I read this a light bulb went off.   At the time it was difficult to process but it had me think perhaps the betrayal had a bigger message.  Over time working through the betrayal, finding a way to forgive and digging my way through my own mud it became clear when I reached the other side the betrayal was the best thing to happen to me and what I received was a beautiful gift and insights into who I am and what I wanted.

To forgive is to honour yourself and to move forward.

Sending much love and light,
Much love & peace,

Practices for Low Back Pain

Many people suffer from low back pain. It can be prevalent with office workers who spend a significant amount of time seated. This interesting articles talks about ways to relieve the pain. Interesting read.



Creating wellness in the workplace.

One of my intentions with Vikara Yoga was to offer local businesses assistance with creating a wellness plan for their employees.   I am also able to offer a beautiful space in Napier, Ontario surrounded by nature and only 40 mins from London for team building events.  Interesting article relating to how other companies are acknowledging the importance of wellness in the workplace.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Yoga and mindfulness in the workplace has been growing over the years.  It offers a peaceful break for the employees and stretching to open tight hips and release low backs due to longer periods of sitting.   Check out this article from 2012!



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