Interested in Restorative Yoga?

Have you been considering starting a yoga practice? Have you wanted to explore Restorative Yoga? Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of going to a studio and being surrounded by yogis?  Are you suffering from any of the following health issues stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue, insomnia or any other issues?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Restorative yoga in Strathroy or private or semi-private classes with me may a place to start.

Today’s World

In these speeded up times we live and the pressures we face each and every day with work, family responsibilities, finances and so much more we may begin to feel out of touch, experience anxiety, depression or physical symptoms. I too have been down this path and yoga provided me with the gift of healing.

During my recovery my path became clear and I knew I was meant to share the beautiful ancient practice of yoga.

Vikara Yoga is Born

When starting out I wanted to connect with the name of my business and  chose the Sanskrit word Vikara.  Translated to English Vikara means transformation and that is exactly what I experienced when I cultivated my practice of yoga and what my intention in sharing yoga with those in need.

In addition to healing, I learned how connection to self and the world around me created transformation in my life. Therefore this connection guided me on my healing journey.

Let’s do this!

If you feel you need a change in life or need to reconnect to who you are and above all are ready to begin your journey then you are in the right place. Join me for in person restorative yoga classes in Strathroy or private restorative class or a semi private class that are on the Schedule here or connect to have private classes in home or online! 

I am excited to explore, play and guide you to find your own yoga practice, to connect within, begin to transform your life and start to heal.



I was so grateful for Misty’s in-home, private, restorative yoga classes. I felt my body truly relax for the first time since my car accident. Not even massage therapy had been able to soothe me like that. I didn’t have to leave my house, or negate my relaxation by having to drive home again. Misty’s peaceful in-home classes were perfect for someone like me, recovering from pain and trauma.  C.K.

Misty is an awesome yoga instructor! She can develop a plan to help you accomplish your goals, both in flexibility and mindfulness. After each session, I always left feeling relaxed both mentally and physically. P.M


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