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πŸ’«πŸ’«The Magical Mystery Muscle πŸ’«πŸ’«

We really do have a magical mystery muscle in our bodies and let’s explore this muscle with an open and curious mind.

To clarify in my opinion, all muscles are pretty magical. Today I am focusing on a muscle that is our primal messenger from the core of our being.

The Psoas Muscle.

When we learn, explore and connect with the psoas muscle we connect toΒ  the core of who we are; we connect to our core consciousness.

Your psoas is not merely a muscle. Β As Liz Koch describes:

This muscle is bio-intelligent tissue that expresses your integrity on every level; it is the guardian of the centre of our being, the Hara.

With the psoas being located deep within the body it is sometimes also referred to as the source of our own inner power.

You may have never heard of the psoas or may have heard of it because you have experienced back or hip pain. This pain may have been your introduction to your psoas.

What a shame we do not connect to the psoas before injury and yet it does not matter where we start it matters how we move forward.

Maybe the psoas is new to you and connecting to the muscle before we hear the messages it sends gives us an opportunity to access its power and connect us to ourselves in a way like never before.

Our psoas muscle is connected to the functioning of our nervous systems:Β  the central nervous system, enteric nervous system, autonomic nervous system (sympathetic & parasympathetic).

From a bio-mechanical perspective the psoas muscle is a large paired muscle that inserts at the T12 and emerges from each lumbar vertebrae then travels over the rim of the pelvis and attaches to our lower leg. It is approximately 16inches long and the width of our fist.

Liz Koch explains from a living model the psoas has grown from the very core of our being. She shares no one has inserted this muscle; it is a part of the midline and a part of the bio intelligent field of energy within our core.

Think of the psoas muscle as a messenger, not a problem.

Learning about the psoas is about learning how to listen to the message.

This truly, is a magical and complex part of who we are and how we function in the world. With the knowledge I have gained about the instinctual psoas, it is difficult for me to even think of it as a muscle because it is much more than just a muscle.

Sensations in the body are connected to the psoas; it is connected to our fears, it is also connected to how we look and feel in this world.

A huge lesson for me was to learn my psoas does not need to be touched, manipulated or strengthened INSTEAD it needs rest…it is exhausted.

What can you do to nourish your psoas muscle you may ask?

Here are 5 ways I use to support my psoas:

 Breathe…yes back to the breathe. Allow yourself to come into a beautiful pranayama practice. Try the 3 Part Breath. Breathing deep, slow and smooth massages the diaphragm which in turn will help to relax the psoas.

 Fluid gentle movement from the core of your being; fluid movement with your spine.

 Moving the spine like seaweed in a mineral salt bath

 Constructive Rest

 Legs on a chair

With the complexity and importance of this muscle it speaks to me to connect with people to share, explore, play with the psoas and creating space for others to connect with their own psoas.

Why wait until the psoas is screaming at us for attention?

The invitation is for you to connect, nourish and love the psoas long before it begs for your attention. Because in reality it needs yourΒ  awareness all the time.

Interested and want to learn more due to the fact your curiousity is piqued?

Join me on March 28th at my home studio for a workshop where we will dive deeper into the psoas.

Click here for registration:Β  Explore the Psoas: Conscious Core Workshop

Much love and peace,




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