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Online Yoga Classes Now Available 

Sign up and your first class is free! 

First Class Free 

Follow the link and sign up for your first class and it is FREE.  Descriptions below.  

Drop in classes $15 

5 Class pass $70 | 10 Class pass $120

Unlimited Weekly Membership $20 | Unlimited Monthly Membership $55

Follow the link to the classes and purchase your classes!  

Online Classes Available 

I am excited to be offering all yoga classes online. Feeling like trying yoga in the comfort of your own home. Sign up for 5 days free and try any of the classes available online. 

Check out the types of classes below: 

Restorative Yoga 

In this class we will explore relaxation and connectedness to the body, mind and spirit. The class is focused on passively opening the body and providing an opportunity to peel back the layers of tension. Move from a place activity to receptivity in the stillness of this practice. 

This practice is suitable for all levels. 

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Gentle Flow 

A gentle flow class where we will open, release the body, fascia, joints through movement and breath.

This class creates space to connect to your body, mind and spirit through gentle movement and flows.

This class is suitable for all levels. 

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Morning Flow 

Join me for a morning practice to start your day. It is a gentle flow with stretching and movement to create space in the body and mind to begin your day with gratitude and the ability to receive all the day has to offer.

This class is suitable for all levels. 

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Yin Class 

This quiet practice targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. The yin postures are held for three to five minutes which gives the body an opportunity to open and release tension from deeper tissues. This form of yoga is a great complement to more dynamic and active practice. 

Yin Yoga is suitable for most levels of students.

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Restorative Yoga Revolution

Monthly Membership 

I am so excited to offer my students access to a monthly membership solely dedicated to Restorative Yoga.

Why Revolution? This may be considered a strong word for some and not resonate. For me it represents the need for change and a shift in perception. 

In today’s world the majority of people believe if you are not always busy or run off your feet then you are not living life right. It has almost become a symbol of success if you stressed and overworked. 

These were my beliefs at one point in my life. I cannot count how many times I referred to myself as stressed in a day. To deal with the stress I turned to numbing behaviours such as alcohol and food. My belief was this how life was meant to be. 

I then became sick and realized I needed balance. I needed REST. 

The Membership 

This membership was launched on June 1, 2020.  

My passion and desire to share Restorative Yoga created this membership.  The intention behind the membership is to offer supportive space where people can access their inner wisdom, to find healing, transformation and connection with tools, techniques and classes all focused on Restorative Yoga.

My desire is to guide people so they can find the rest and relaxation the body, mind and spirit are craving in these speeded up times.

The membership cost is $26.26 per month (HST incl.) 

You will have access to Restorative Yoga Classes, meditations, pranayama and gentle stretching.

There will be new content added every month.

Workshops will also be included quarterly. 

Access to a Private FaceBook Group is available. This will be a space where we can all connect and grow our community together. I will be live once per month to chat about the new updates, check in and answer any questions. 

What are you waiting for? Join me and find the time to rest, connect and transform your life.