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Private Lessons

There are a variety of reasons for the need of private lessons; recovery, time constraints, new to the practice or wanting to deepen your practice one on one.

No matter the reason I am here to assist you to find your yoga.  

My intention with offering private sessions is to work with you to discover your yoga.


Private sessions for accident victims and people recovering from illness are invaluable. Insurer’s have funded private sessions for me to work with clients who are moving through recovery.

When working privately the sessions are created based on the goals of the client. I work with the client and their treatment team to ensure continuity of care.

Private sessions offer an opportunity to learn tools to manage pain and create mindfulness while learning the poses. 


Life may be too busy to attend a studio. I provide private sessions in your home or office and work within your schedule. Therefore, this provides an opportunity for you to build your own practice of pranayama, movement and mindfulness.


Perhaps yoga is new for you. Embarking on a new journey can be scary and the instinct is for privacy. I respect and understand starting a yoga practice may terrifying. Because of this I am happy to work with you privately. One on one classes assists  you in learning the foundations of yoga. Because of this we can begin to build the practice you desire from the ground up. 

Private lessons offers the student specialized classes geared directly towards their own ability and comfort.

Private sessions can be in person or online using Skype or Zoom.

$85 for 60 min   $100 for 90 min

Semi-Private Classes 

Vikara Yoga is a home based boutique studio. Above all the classes are never more than 6 students. Therefore creating  semi-private classes. 

The studio is located just outside of Strathroy nestled on 23 acres of property surrounded by the woods.  

My intention in creating this sacred practice space was to encourage students to explore and grow at their own pace.   In addition, having nature as the back drop is an added bonus at the studio.

Attending a semi private class at the studio provides an opportunity to breath in nature to find calm and quiet for the body, mind and soul.

Semi-private yoga classes can also be provided for you and your friends at your home or any desired location. I love to collaborate and share yoga with small groups wherever is comfortable. 

Restorative Yoga for Healing

Restorative Yoga is a passion of mine.  I have long considered sharing this practice as part of my dharma. Discovering this practice at the start of my healing journey ignited a flame within me and a desire to share this beautiful practice with the world. 

Restorative yoga is an opportunity to quiet the body, the mind and connect to your inner wisdom.

This practice cultivates connection to self and when we are able to connect within transformation is possible. It is then we may start our healing journey.  

Restorative yoga is a practice that is moving from activity to receptivity.  

What to expect in a Restorative Yoga class?

In a restorative yoga class the postures are held for extended periods of time with the assistance of props. Thereby giving the body an opportunity to release and let go in the pose with minimal to no effort.

As the body releases the mind is able to calm.

Restorative yoga balances a fast lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal physical and mental symptoms that are stress related.

If Private, semi private, restorative yoga classes are of interest to you. Perhaps you want more information contact me through the contact form or email at misty@vikarayoga.com. I would love to connect discuss your questions.