Time Warp?

Time warp…no I am not referring to Rocky Horror Picture Show even though that was a great show!!   I was referring to the fact September has arrived. Have you had a moment to ponder….where did summer go? 🌞 Where has time gone? 🕰 Have you ever felt in a time warp? Days fly by and you do not seem to get everything done; no time for you or time to connect to self and others? 🙏

I invite you to explore the idea of taking time for you physically, emotionally and spiritually everyday.  Take time for yoga. It may seem counterintuitive and you may be like no way I do not have the time to do this consistent. Perhaps the resistance we have are the parameters set around finding the time; maybe it is the reasoning we create like the following: I need an hour, I cannot do yoga, it is not working if there no pain or I am not sweating etc.  What thoughts come to your mind when you think about yoga? 

Finding connection does not have to be an hour a day; does not have to make you sweat it can be whatever you need it to be on that day.  Allow the time to be whatever works for you such as 10 mins in the morning before you even rise out of bed 🛌; it can be a few minutes of conscious breathing while sitting in the car or take a few steps outside and connect with a tree 🌳 and be present in those few moments you find.    

Yoga is not just about the asanas (poses) it is also about the breath, the mind, connection to self and everything.  Yoga is not just for the flexible and the strong.  I recently did a workshop for the Psoas muscle and we explored different movements and a student shared she should could not believe the shift that occurred with the subtle movements we were exploring.  

The subtlety of yoga is just as powerful as the strength of the poses.  The invitation to find those few moments of connection, gratitude and breath.  This is all yoga and may assist in slowing down the time warp we all sometimes feel caught up in.  

Have an amazing day and remember take a few moments for yourself as we begin to move into the fall.  

I would love to hear how you take a few minutes a day for you.