Winter Solstice Celebration

Winter is upon us and it is a beautiful time to celebrate and seal the energy of the year that has passed. Join me for this workshop to honour the  Winter Solstice. We will move through asanas connecting within to set our intention, journal and experience release through restorative yoga.

When:  December 21, 2019 1pm to 3pm
Where:  Vikara Yoga, 26180 Napier Road, Strathroy Ontario
Investment:  $50 +hst

Hips Workshop

Hips & Hamstrings 2hr Workshop

Have you experienced hip pain or low back pain? Looking for ways to find relief and perhaps create more movement in the hips.

Join me for this 2hr workshop where will learn about the muscles & bones surrounding the hips and explore stretches, strengthening and therapeutics to support the hips.

When:  February 1, 2020 11am to 1pm
Where:  Vikara Yoga, 26180 Napier Road, Strathroy Ontario
Investment:  $60

This workshop is eligible for CEC credits for yoga teachers.

Restorative yoga

Lower Chakras & Restorative Yoga Workshop Series

I have created this series of 3 workshops for us to explore our lower chakras, yogic philosophy and restorative poses to tap into the subtle energies and the power of the chakras through the poses.

Join me for all three workshops for $150 +hst or one for $65 +hst.

Root Chakra (Muladhara) & Restorative – January 11, 2020 1pm to 3pm

Sacral Charka (Svadisthana) & Restorative – February 8, 2020 1pm to 3pm

Solar Plexus (Manipura) & Restorative – March 7, 2020 1pm to 3pm


DevaTree 200hr Cross Disciplinary Yoga Teacher Training in Petrolia

Whether you are eager to teach, or wish to deepen your practice, this training offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga. Join us in this life-expanding course and experience the transformative effects of yoga flowing into the rest of your life.

Complete your 200-hour teaching certification with experienced yoga educators who have studied many different traditions and approaches to yoga. Study in a supportive, relaxed environment that honors your life experience and your individuality.

Cross-Disciplinary Yoga was created by DevaTree founders Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Jyoti Burke. It blends the ancient wisdom of yoga with contemporary practices, tools, and modern science. In addition to their international yoga exposure and experience, program creators Jyoti and Tamika are highly regarded clinicians and group facilitators.

My team and I are so excited to be offering this  amazing program again this time in Petrolia Ontario starting January 16, 2020 for 8 weekends.    For all dates click here:


DevaTree 50hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Delve deeper into your relationship with yourself and peel back the layers of day-to-day living with this nurturing and self-empowering restorative yoga training.

This integrated Cross-Disciplinary approach to restorative yoga honors the innate wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit as we slow down and take the time to witness the processes of all layers of the self.

Restorative Yoga speaks to my soul and I am honoured and excited to be Directing this program in 2020 for two weekends.

January 24th to 26, 2020

February 21, to 23, 2020

Click here to register: